• What is Primary Care?

    Primary Care Medicine is another name for the type of care you receive when you first seek medical attention for a problem. This can occur in a hospital’s emergency room, or it can occur when you transport yourself to a doctor’s office in need of an examination, treatment and resolution of a medical issue.

    In our case, we are the first physicians to see a patient and provide a primary examination, a primary diagnosis and, in many cases, primary treatment. We make a determination as to what the patient’s problem or issue is, and we then outline and orchestrate the next steps needed for the patient to see a specialist, go for testing, go straight to a hospital, or some combination thereof.

    We are also in a unique position to provide a patient with information. In many cases, this is a crucial part of the process.

    When you visit Union County Healthcase Associates, we can provide you with primary care that can serve as your springboard back to health..

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