• What is Geriatric Medicine?

    Geriatric Medicine is the practice of medicine that centers around the diseases, disorders, conditions, problems and concerns that affect the elderly. Physicians who specialize in this area are often referred to as geriatricians, and the area known as geriatrics can also be known to some as medical gerontology.

    Regardless of the terminology, the physicians at Union County Healthcare Associates who specialize in geriatrics are dedicated to helping our elderly patients through the changes that occur to people who are in their golden years. Understanding a patient’s medical history, their medication regimen, their strengths, their weaknesses, their social situation and their overall well-being, and then treating the patient based on what it all means, is central to what we do.

    In some cases, a patient’s condition is chronic and may only worsen over time. In other cases, a new medication may have side effects that may require switching the patient to another similar prescription. A patient may need a referral to receive rehabilitation or a short-term stay in a skilled nursing facility.

    Whatever the patient requires, we work diligently to help the client maintain their optimal health and live out the remaining years of their life with dignity.

    At Union County Healthcare Associates, we love our geriatric patients.

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