• Immigration Physicals

    Immigration Physicals
    Did you know that Union County Healthcare Associates is one of the few medical practices in New Jersey where you can get a complete immigration physical to help you continue your quest for citizenship? Two of our physicians, Dr. Kamran Tasharofi and Dr. Neil Estrella, are Civil Surgeons who are legally and medically qualified to conduct immigration physical medical examinations according to their designation by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

    What do I need to bring?
    You have to bring your passport photo and any other identification you have before we can do any examination, administer vaccines or initiate testing. Please provide the documentation of previous vaccinations at the time your visit.

    What kinds of tests are needed?
    Department of Homeland Security reviews and updates the requirements from time to time and notifies the Civil Surgeons of the changes. Currently the only blood testing required for naturalization process is RPR (Syphilis).

    What kinds of immunizations are needed?
    We provide a full list below, with their associated costs.

    What does it cost to get the physical and everything else I need?That depends on what previous vaccinations you may have received, when they were administered, and if you can produce documentation to prove they are current under US immigration guidelines. The cost for the medical examination is $185, and we require cash payment on the day of service for all immigration services rendered.

    Here is a list of other vaccinations that may be required, what each costs, and the age range necessary for each one:

    Test/Vaccination Cost Additional Criteria
    Mantoux/PPD $20
    Lab (RPR) $30
    MMR $90 From 1-65 years of age
    Gardasil $200 For women 10-26 years of age
    Hepatitis $90 From birth through 19 years of age
    Adacel (Pertusis) +TD $60 From 7 years through adult life
    Varicella $140 From 1 year through adulthood
    Pneumococcal $70 From 2-23 months of age; from 65+ for ppv
    Influenza $40 From 50 years through adulthood, annually
    Enhanced influenza $50 From 65 years and older
    DPT/DTap (may include DT) $85 From 2 months through 6 years old
    Hib $45 From 2 months through 4 years old


    Your total cost can range anywhere from $185-$600, depending on what you may have already received compared to what you need to complete your physical and all related vaccines and testing.

    Effective 10/18/10

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