• You don’t feel well, but you don’t know why. You want to come to a medical group where you feel you’re treated as an individual, not just another patient. You want to find a doctor who is capable of getting to the cause of your problem and helping you through your discomfort or pain. You want access to a team of physicians who, through their collective experience, can truly say “they’ve seen it all.” You want to be helped by a staff that is cheerful, compassionate and capable. In short, you want expert, personalized care delivered in a compassionate and caring manner.

    You want Union County Health Care Associates, a medical practice where our physicians specialize in internal medicine, family medicine, geriatric medicine, or gerontology, problems of the GI tract, and primary care.

    Our patients come to us for complex medical problems, and we are constantly challenged to diagnose and treat our patients in light of, and in spite of, medical issues that create their own separate problems and conditions.

    In our various locations in Colonia, Elizabeth, our newest office in Garwood, and our office in Clark, our physicians practice in all of the above-mentioned areas, and we also provide Remicade infusion therapy for psoriatic arthritis,Remicade infusion therapy for ulcerative colitis, Reclast infusion therapy, and we even conduct immigration physicials for those who need them.

    In many cases, our physicians see patients at various nursing homes, urgent care centers, and acute-care facilities like Overlook Hospital and Trinitas Regional Medical Center.

    Listen to our patients, talk to other people who may have heard about us, and request an appointment to come in and meet with one of our physicians.

    We’re confident that once you entrust us with your care you will become another one of our satisfied patients. We look forward to helping you, earning your trust and helping you to better health so you can get on with the important things in your life!


Dear Dr Tasharofi,

Dear Dr. Somma,